Lucky Penny Lucky Penny Lucky Penny Lucky Penny
Lucky Penny Lucky Penny Lucky Penny Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny ABV 4%

Brewer’s comment: We were looking to create an easy drinking pale ale with notes of honey and citrus fruit that will go down with ease. This will be your session ale for all occasions, partnering well with fish and white meat. Brewed to 4% ABV with Nottingham yeast to make a light, refreshing beverage, fermentation takes an average of 4-5 days. The beer is then cooled to 5 degrees Celsius when yeast became inactive and drops to the bottom of Fermentation vessel. After a further 2 days of maturing and clearing, the final beer is racked to casks or sent for bottling.

Malt: The base is Maris Otter (Pale Ale malt), with torrified wheat for foam stability. A hint of Crystal Malt gives the lovely golden colour.

Hops: All English variety. Our bittering hop is Admiral, First Gold with WGV works well as the aromas give this ale a warm, orangey finish.

Colour: Clear, light straw pale ale

Nose: Fresh citrus and green apple notes with hints of hops.

Taste: Refreshing and easy drinking session Pale ale. Hints of oranges and honey on the pallet with gentle bitterness and traditional hop aroma.

Lucky Penny

£10.00 £5.00

Find a Lucky Penny, drink it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.

Give Lucky Penny to a friend, and your luck will never end.

OK, so maybe we can’t guarantee good fortune, but your taste buds are about to get lucky. Admiral and First Gold hops, brewed with malted barley and a little wheat give this incredibly quaffable Pale Ale tonnes of UK hop aroma and flavour. Just don’t put this penny in your shoe.

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